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We have a solution to your problem...

EPB has completed a large variety of projects all across the Metro-Houston Area in the last 10 years. 
Please visit our google map, detailing these projects on the map below:

Water Transmission

From 6" to 120" in diameter, E.P. Brady has the expertise for your application. Having worked with all of the major pipe manufacturers in the United States, we are capable of laying any size and any material pipe including (but not limited to) PVC, Steel, Concrete Cylender (PCCP and Bar Wrapped), Ductile Iron, and HDPE. 
From open cut to trenchless applications, there are thousands of miles of water line across Texas that have been built by us. Let us show you what we can do. 

Sanitary Sewer

Sanitary Sewers are intimidating to most Contractors. Not to us. Understanding the ground conditions, equipment capabilities, along with familiarity with the pipe materials is key in building a sucessful sanitary sewer project.
Project Owners choose us because of our attention to detail, ensuring a quality product that will last for decades. From small diameter to large trunk sewers, we are working to improve our neighborhoods, one joint of pipe at a time.

Storm Sewer

With the rapid population expansion of Houston along with the deteriorating trunk storms sewers in the area, we understand the importance of a quality storm sewer system.
Utilizing box culverts, along with Concrete  & HDPE pipe, we can provide a cost effective solution to maintain adequate drainage for your Utility District, Neighborhood or Development.

Directional Drilling

Keeping up with the times is important. Trends in underground construction show that HDD is becoming more popular each year.
We are proud to offer these services to help facilitate construction in both wetlands and urban environments, where open cut construction is not feasible. Our personnel had extensive training by the equipment manufacturers, both drilling and locating, to ensure a quality product, on target with minimal surface disturbance.
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